Acne/Blemish Remedy

So you all have probably heard of Aloe Vera….its used to treat sunburns. It soothes the sunburn (reduces swelling and redness) and makes the pain /itchiness go away because of the antimicrobial properties in Aloe Vera.  It is also a moisturizer too!    So why not use a little on your face….. I mean if it soothes the redness and swelling on a sunburn…why not use it for those pesky blemishes??

Aloe Vera combined with another anti-inflammatory product (that works even better and is less harsh on your skin than benzoyl peroxide: the leading acne medicine) will help clear your skin up in just a matter of a few weeks!

100% Tea Tree oil is the other anti-inflammatory product.   You only need a TWO drops to do the trick!

I have been using Aloe Vera + Tea Tree oil for a couple weeks now and it’s improved my skin so much!  I used to have acne all along my chin line.

Did I mention that these two products are extremely inexpensive!  I mean for goodness sakes you can find Aloe Vera at a dollar store or Walmart lol!  I ordered my Tea Tree Oil online form Amazon.  The brand is called “Now Essential Oils”

aloe vera


How to use it:

  • wash your hands! (Don’t touch your face with dirty hands!)
  • Remove any makeup (best to do this after a shower so your makeup is off already)
  • Dampen face (don’t soak it in water…just splash a little and pat it slightly dry)
  • Take a dime size amount of Aloe Vera into your hand. Add ONLY TWO drops of 100% Tea Tree Oil to it. (Too much tea tree oil will dry out your skin…even with the moisturizer of Aloe Vera)
  • Gently rub onto damp face. Let sit for 3-5mins. Then rinse off and pat dry!