6 Tips to STOP Emotional Eating!

I’m sure we’ve all been through this before^

The never-ending cycle of emotional eating:

“I feel like crap! Today sucks! Why did Jody have to do that to me??!! I was only trying to help!”


“I need some ice cream and some Netflix! Jody can go F**k herself!”

(As you’re feeding your face): “Oh this is so good! ¬†Wow, I can’t believe Kate died from NCIS!! WTF!”

“I shouldn’t have eaten that Rocky Road ice cream ūüė¶ ¬†I was doing SOOOO good all week with my meal plan! ¬†All week is down the drain now!! ¬†Back to square one…. ¬†I hate life”

I KNOW you’ve all had a similar experience! ¬†I definitely had, but I have learned that food is NOT the answer to your emotional problems. ¬† Here are a few tips that have helped me over the years to stop my emotional eating:

WRITE down your emotions, Don’t EAT them, or even better TALK to a tree. ¬†

I am 100% serious! ¬†Talking to ANYTHING so you can “get out” all your built up emotions is the best way to let go of the anger and not have that overwhelming feeling lingering inside of you. ¬†If you think that is “too weird,” then write a letter to the person that made you made. ¬†Write out EVERYTHING. Don’t send the letter, just write it out…read over it and then rip it up. ¬†I know that sounds stupid and like a waste, but this also works! ¬†Again, this helps you get the chip off your shoulder so you can move on with your day and not have a burden to worry about. ¬†If you really want to, then give the letter to the person that upset you.

No JUNK: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Hiding your junk food, or better yet not having any in the house REALLY helps when you have these “emotional food cravings.” ¬†I actually took my dog, Maebell, for a walk and asked my boyfriend, John, to hide the Cheez-its because I knew that I would eat the whole box in one sitting if I saw them in the snack cabinet. ¬†I’ll be honest….when it comes to junk food I have little self-control. So for me, it is so much better that I keep ALL junk food out of the house or ask John to hide his snack foods so I wont know where they are.

Take a LONG walk! (or jog even..OR go punch your pillow!!)

Exercise is a great way to release anger! ¬†Being outside in general (getting the fresh air in your lungs) immediately puts you in a better mood (at least for me it does!) ¬†Exercising gets your blood pumping and helps release a chemical to your brain called “endorphin.” This chemical gives you that good, happy feeling like a “runner’s high.” ¬†For example: ¬†after you workout or finish a run or did a set of push-ups…you usually get that good feeling of accomplishment…you start feeling positive. ¬†That comes from this magical chemical that is naturally released into your brain during exercise. ¬†So, long story short: ¬†exercise will help LOWER your emotional stress so then you won’t need to seek out this horrible emotional eating habit!

Drink 10-12oz of water BEFORE you try to eat ANYTHING!

Most of the time we FEEL hungry or THINK we are hungry, but we are actually thirsty. ¬†Our bodies like to mimic the same hunger-thirst feeling. ¬†90% of the time, if you drink water before you eat then you wont have that “I’m starving” feeling any longer. ¬†You’ll actually feel full and not want to seek out food.

Think about HOW you’re going to feel if you eat those 5 cupcakes or 1/2 gallon of ice-cream

Do you want to stay on the never-ending cycle of emotional regret??? NO! ¬†Then STOP and THINK before you go and eat! ¬†You are better than the food. ¬†You don’t NEED this junk food to make you “feel” good. ¬†I don’t care how good ice-cream tastes…I want to stay on track to getting my six pack so I’m not going to veg out on ice-cream and Netflix because Jody made my day like a living hell! ¬†Be strong. Be smart. And move forward.

If you do need to eat…EAT HEALTHY!

Just like I mentioned keeping junk food out of sight……keep healthy snacks IN SIGHT! ¬†Have your carrots and broccoli and celery cut up and easily accessible with some hummus cups or peanut butter cups. ¬† Put apples out on the counter and some grapes too! ¬† I can’t stress this enough! ¬† I started doing this for John and WOW!! ¬†IT WORKED!! ¬†He ate almost all the veggies I cut up in one day instead of going for popcorn and cheez-its! ¬†I was so happy! ¬† If he can do it, so can you! ¬†Take 15mins of your day and cut up some fruits and veggies (maybe make that fruit salad that I have a recipe posted on here for!) so you and your family can live a healthier, happier life


And remember: ¬† NO ONE is worth eating over! ¬†You are beautiful…so stay that way and everyone else can go F**k themselves! ūüôā¬†