Trying Something New Might Be Scary….BUT ITS WORTH IT!

“Its going to be hard, BUT its going to be WORTH THE HARD WORK!”

I have been doing 21 Day Fix for about two months now.  I love the program, but I was ready to bump it up to the next level.  Do you ever feel like you’re doing a workout and yes you’re tired, but you think “well….I’m honestly not that sore”     That’s how I felt.  Not that 21 Day Fix doesnt work, because IT DOES; I felt this way because my muscles have gotten THAT MUCH STRONGER!

I ordered 21 Day Fix EXTREME and went ahead to do the Lower Extreme Fix today.   I knew this was going to be more challenging for a few reasons:

  1. I have never tried this before so I was scared that I might fail (but remember! Failing isnt something to be ashamed of, you work harder.  Failing is better than not trying because one day you wont fail anymore!)
  2. I knew that the breaks are shorter in between each circuit so I was a little concerned that I might not get my heart rate back down to a recovery level.
  3. I dislike lunges (but I had to do them to get results!)

So I pushed through, tried something new, I WANTED  to quit the whole time I was doing it  BUT I DIDNT!  I looked at the girls on the TV screen and wanted legs like theirs.  I’m going to the beach in May and man do I want to show off my sexy legs and booty!     Lower Fix Extreme…you just got demolished by Sarah!!


No matter how tired you are, KEEP PUSHING!  YOU can do ANYTHING that you 100% believe in!

Push Through! You ARE Stronger Than You Think


This quote has me down to the “T”!!!     Do you ever have those days where you just want to give up, skip your workout, or just veg out on the couch with a bowl of ice-cream???    I know I have had those days!  It’s taken me a LONG time to change my mindset, and it’s still a work in process.  Do you honestly think that I wake up every morning and am excited to workout?? (Not even close!!)

Don’t get me wrong…I love what I do and I know I need to workout to get results but I’m not always “happy-go-lucky” about doing my workout.  Sometimes I just want to stop…turn off the workout and quit half way through.  But I keep reminding myself:

“Each day I will get stronger: mentally and physically.  I can do this.  The pain is only temporary, but if I quit, I wont be making improvements…I’ll have to start over AGAIN!  I’m NOT starting over anymore!!”

Yes, that’s what runs through my mind and it works!  I finish my workout, I’m tired but I DID IT!   Each day gets easier and easier because I’m being consistent…I’m working out every day, seeing myself do more reps each week, seeing my body muscle start toning up.  But also…..the most important thing….. I AM MENTALLY STRONG.     You can be too!   Believe in yourself! Support and motivation is soooo important to have when you’re trying to make a change, so don’t be afraid to share your progress!

Let’s Feel the Burn!!


I love making new interval circuit workouts!  This is a fav of mine!!  Super simple; no equipment required!!  (Just have some water handy, because you’ll definitely need it!)

What’s that??  You’re not sure what a burpee is or what skater jumps are?   NOT A PROBLEM!  Just comment below with your email address and I’ll send you a short video demonstrating each move! 🙂


FINALLY!! Toning up!!

image3 (1)


I am so happy to post this!!   I used to NEVER have abs!  It’s like my body wanted to collect all the fat and plop it right in my mid-section. “Here ya go Sarah! Enjoy all this fat while the rest of you gets toned”

NOT ANYMORE!!  Working on my second round of 21 Day Fix (love this program!) and WOW! I can honestly say that I love my body.   If I was a guy I’d be drooling lol (not trying to put myself out there because I am happily taken lol)   I used to look at other women’s progress photos and think “I want that body.  I want to be able to have those abs!!”

My friends that I have made through Facebook and my fitness challenge groups have really been pushing me as well.  They keep me just as motivated as I keep them motivated.

Hard work DOES pay off!  You will see your results.  Just give it time.  Its taken me 2 months to get in this good of shape, but it was well worth it.   Stuck to the eating plan and work out plan…..consistency will get you where you want to be!