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My name is Sarah.  I started this blog so I could share my fitness journey with others. I am addicted to sugary foods, so this weight-loss journey has been a real challenge for me.  I also work third shift, so finding the energy to workout on a daily basis seems to be just as challenging as giving up ice cream lol!  I like to share all my tips and helpful hints as well as my progress here on my blog, so I hope that it helps motivate you as well with your fitness journey!  We will all reach our goals, it just helps when we have a little support and motivation along the way 🙂    “Little bit better each day”

I added a lot of my favorite healthy recipes on here as well as some motivational tips, fitness tips, and even some life hacks that I have found extremely helpful! Feel free to comment on any of my posts and give me some feedback of how you liked the recipes, or if you have any ideas for some new recipes I could try 🙂

Thank you again!  I hope you enjoy and share this information with others.  If you love it, share it!!







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    • seculessafitness says:

      I am not a certified personal trainer, but I’d be glad to share my health and fitness tips with you if you’re interested. I made this blog to help motivate me and others to live a healthier lifestyle.


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